Discover culinary delights with LeuvenInsideOut

Discover culinary delights with Leuven Inside Out.

Dear reader,

Through a (monthly) blog, we at Leuven Inside Out want to keep you informed about the different trends in tourism and we’d like to give you an idea of what’s still to be discovered in our beautiful city.

At Leuven Inside Out, we notice that people are increasingly taking on culinary experiences. Our snack walks are becoming more and more popular and our participants are reacting very enthusiastically. That’s why it’s time for us to go a step further with these culinary tourist experiences. Soon you can come to us for fully-fledged culinary walks where you can choose from two formulas. A three-course menu with aperitif, starter and main course or a four-course menu to which a dessert is added. Of course, the culinary enjoyment is interspersed with a guided walk where we visit three or four places, depending on the chosen formula. We will usually start our culinary walk at the Penta Hotel after which we will continue to our partners Balls and Glory and Brasserie Improvisio. The latter is a true hidden gem located in a beautiful location. Of course in the future other partners will also join our culinary walk.

With our culinary walks we want to give visitors of our city, who are going to have something to eat somewhere anyway, the chance to immediately discover different restaurants in one fell swoop. This alternates with the necessary educational entertainment with which we discover special places in the city. Our culinary walks will focus on groups and will take place on request. Our brand new concept will be operational from September. So be sure to keep an eye on our website and social media for the latest updates, or contact us for more information.