A request to participate in an activity is done via the request form on our website, by mail or by telephone. After the request, the customer receives an order form for confirmation. As soon as the customer has received the order form, the registration is final and there is an agreement between the customer and LeuvenInsideOut for the agreed activities even when the payment has not yet been made.
The prices of the activities requested by the customer are confirmed by LeuvenInsideOut on the order form. As a non-profit organization, our activities are exempt from VAT. We only invoice the price of the services and the provisions as confirmed on the order form.
If the customer makes major changes to the program less than two weeks before the start of the activities, LeuvenInsideOut reserves the right to adjust the agreed prices.
LeuvenInsideOut has the right to charge a penalty or cancel the activity in case the customer arrives more than 15 minutes late on the day of the appointment.
The order form is drawn up based on the activity desired by the customer and the number of participants. As soon as the order form has been drawn up, the precise and unchanging number of participants is known. The order form is paid by the customer at the latest 14 days after receipt. The activity is definitively booked from the date of payment.
Paid bookings are not reimbursed.
At the end of the activity, an invoice will be prepared and delivered to the e-mail address provided by the customer to regularize the client’s accounting.
A credit note is only drawn up if LeuvenInsideOut has made a clearly identifiable mistake or error with regard to the content of the invoice. If the customer does not request an invoice, LeuvenInsideOut determines the amount to be paid on the basis of the order form and requests immediate payment by bank transfer.
LeuvenInsideOut does not accept partial advances or cash payments. Invoices are always payable to the address of LeuvenInsideOut, at the latest 14 days after receipt of the order form. Non-payment may entail termination of the agreement.
Costs (administrative, legal or legal, etc.) that LeuvenInsideOut must incur as a result of the customer’s fault as a result of the incentive to pay, LeuvenInsideOut can charge the customer in full.
The tenderer who registers additional participants is jointly and severally liable with them for the fulfillment of their obligations towards LeuvenInsideOut.
When a client shows up with more participants on the day of the tour than initially booked, it is up to the LeuvenInsideOut guide to assess whether they can be admitted. In any case, an order form will be drawn up for the additional costs that must be deposited into our account without delay.
In case of an exceptional late booking (less than 1 week before the start date of the tour), proof of payment will be requested at the start of the walk. Only after the show will the walk start.
Once payment has been made, cancellation can no longer take place.
LeuvenInsideOut reserves the right to adjust the agreed prices in the event of major or late changes to the program (up to two weeks before implementation) due to the customer.
The correct number of participants in the activity is fixed from the moment the order form is drawn up. Any changes can be made at the latest up to 14 days before the start of the activity.
LeuvenInsideOut does not draw up credit notes and makes no repayments if the number of participants decreases less than one week before the start of the activities. An exception can only be made if this absence of the participant (s) can be substantiated by means of a medical certificate or other proof of force majeure. This can only happen once.
Every increase in the number of participants naturally entails a price increase. An increase can be made at least 14 days before the start of the activity. The customer is informed by LeuvenInsideOut whether or not the extra registered participants can participate.
Changes to a program requested by the customer are accepted in mutual consultation with LeuvenInsideOut. This is done at the latest 14 days before the planned start of the activity. If this proves to be possible, the previous order form will be canceled and replaced by a new order form containing the new price and / or costs.
For customers who had booked a sample and because of poor timing by the customer themselves, had no time to check it out cannot be reimbursed.
In the event of a climatic force majeure situation such as a natural disaster or extreme weather conditions (eg thunder and lightning, extremely large hail balls), the customer can choose to move the activity to a later date in consultation with LeuvenInsideOut. The customer can never unilaterally make the decision to cancel. The customer can never demand repayment requirements. In other climatic conditions (including rain or snowfall), the activity will continue as normal and cannot be moved to a later date or canceled or reimbursed.
If the agreed start time is not respected on the day itself, LeuvenInsideOut reserves the right to change the content of the activity or to cancel it completely.
If participants in LeuvenInsideOut activities behave inappropriately due to the excessive use of alcohol or because they are under the influence of drugs, the LeuvenInsideOut guide may reserve the right to deny this person participation in the activity and this without reimbursement or compensation. Participants undertake to pay for any damage caused by their misconduct or by not following the instructions of our guides or guides themselves.
LeuvenInsideOut can reserve the right to cancel an activity or to change its content if there are good reasons to do so. In addition to extreme weather conditions as stated under the heading “Cancellation or change by customer”, LeuvenInsideOut can cancel its activities due to other situations such as strikes, breaches of contract by our suppliers, etc. The customer cannot hold LeuvenInsideOut liable for this and cannot claim any compensation for this.
If an unforeseen program change has to be made during an activity, our relevant guide will look for a good alternative in consultation with the participants. His or her decision is always binding and irrevocable.
LeuvenInsideOut is insured for its activities with regard to civil liability towards participants and third parties.
In its activities, LeuvenInsideOut is not insured against accidents involving participants and third parties. It is your own family or other insurance policies that protect participants and third parties in the event of accidents. LeuveninsideOut cannot be held responsible in the event of an accident.
Our walks and activities are written for people in good physical condition. However, if there are fewer mobile people in the group, this must be reported when applying for the activity at least 14 days before the start. We then work out a customized activity.
If LeuvenInsideOut has not been informed of this in advance, we can reserve the right to interrupt the activity for the person concerned. Under no circumstances can compensation be claimed for this.
If, during an activity, it turns out that someone absolutely does not have the required condition to undertake or continue the activity, the LeuvenInsideOut guide can interrupt the activity for the person concerned in the interest of his or her health.
Any complaint must be submitted on the spot to the relevant LeuvenInsideOut guide so that a solution can be found immediately. If no solution is found, the complaint must be submitted to LeuvenInsideout within three days after the activity in writing and by registered letter with the necessary justification.
For all disputes, only the courts in Leuven have jurisdiction and only the Belgian legislation applies. If the above conditions are different from the conditions of the tenderer, they will prevail over those of the tenderer.