Leuven has a lot to offer. LeuvenInsideOut is the perfect partner to put together a well-filled day trip for you! We can guide you in walking tours or bike rides along the highlights in Leuven, let you have lunch at the tastiest addresses and provide the nicest stops! You can also contact us for a tip regarding the overnight stay, restaurants or other pratical arrangements

LeuvenInsideOut is happy to meet your specific wishes. Do you want to walk or cycle along a certain route? Do you have a highlight that you absolutely want to see? Feel free to ask

The following extras can also be offered:

  • Tastings along the way
  • Tower of the Library
  • town hall
  • Reading rooms of the Central Library
  • Special places such as Archive, Hollands College, Carillon Visit or Maurits Sabbe Library (on request)

Examples of customized experiences:

  • a consultancy also wanted to visit a number of their projects at their be-leuv-ing + the special city archive with beautifully colored architectural designs. LeuvenInsideOut made it happen.
  • ING Leuven did a nice tapas tour that started in the popular café Leuven Central and also sampled the best tastings through all kinds of assignments.

We put together a wonderful experience in consultation with you, which is tailored to the wishes of the group. It’s your be-leuven-is! We create for the whole group a perfect memory.

Contact us without obligation for a quote or more information.

Contact us without obligation

Five places in Leuven that you should definitely see

You can definitely tick off the following 5 must-sees after a day under the wings of LeuvenInsideOut.

1. Grand and Old Market

On the Grote Markt stands the pride of Leuven: the most beautiful town hall in the world! St. Peter’s Church and the Round Table complete this trinity. The Oude Markt is the longest bar in the world and the many terraces are irresistible on sunny days

2. The Pope’s College

The most beautiful college in Leuven is full of moving stories and today again fulfills its function of yesteryear: housing students

3. The University Library

Iconic image of Leuven. On the Ladeuzeplein, where numerous festivities and markets take place, there is a war memorial and a working scientific library. From Unicorns on the side walls to a balustrade and beetle ceiling never realized: we got stories to tell…

4. The Botanical Garden

Our favorite spot in Leuven: a green gem with a surprising variety. Beautiful in every season. Here art, science and green go hand in hand

5. The Great Beguinage

Last but not least: completely right on Unesco World Heritage. A small town in the city. Saved from destruction, this romantic spot amazes every visitor with its beautiful corners. Instagram perfect!

On request, we can even work out a two-day (weekend trip), even in combination with that other beautiful Dijle city: Mechelen!

Contact us without obligation for a quote or more information.


This is what customers said about a successful day with LeuvenInsideOut:

We had a great day, everyone was super satisfied, tired but satisfied. Apparently we had walked a little over 7 km. That’s worth it anyway.

But it was never boring at any time, a very good mix of stories with a pause in time as well. To be repeated.

I will definitely include it in our day trip brochure for next year.

Inge B & V travel nv

And this one:

Hello, thank you for the more than successful tour and guidance yesterday in Leuven. Our people were very satisfied.

We are busy planning for next year before going on vacation for two months. I think again about Brussels and Mechelen.

Greta, Markant Wielsbeke