Leuven, something for everyone

Leuven is known as a vibrant student city, but it has so much more to offer!

Rich history and hip future

Anyone walking through Leuven will undoubtedly be overwhelmed by the splendor of this city. During our experiences LeuvenInsideOut will gladly take you along all Leuven highlights:

  • The old town hall in Gothic style on Leuven’s Grote Markt
  • The ancient St. Peter’s Church, where the shiny Jacquemart strikes the clock every hour
  • The monumental university library overlooking the sloping Ladeuzeplein and the Fabre . beetle
  • The Oude Markt with its countless cafes, which earned it the nickname “the longest bar”.
  • The Leuven city museum, Museum M, designed by the Flemish top architect Stéphane Beel
  • The many university colleges, with their cozy courtyards

Leuven is a modern city that embraces its rich history with love. The balance between past and present makes this city a gem.

Art galore

The Leuven Museum M presents an interesting mix of old and new art and is therefore definitely worth a visit at any time of the year. But art in Leuven is not only found in the various museums and galleries. While strolling through the city, you will discover a multitude of sculptures that tell the story of the city. The best known are undoubtedly:

  • Fonske, the mascot of the students
  • The Kotmadam
  • The Proud Margaret

Paradise for shoppers and foodies

Every shopper can indulge themselves in Leuvense. The city center, with the monumental Bondgenotenlaan as the central axis, offers large chains as well as small trinket shops and hip pop-up stores. So something for everyone!

You can take a break from all that walking in one of the many cafes, coffee houses or restaurants in Leuven. You will find local specialties here, but also a wide range of international cuisines.

Just that little bit more Leuven

Leuven only really gets interesting if you let one of our LeuvenInsideOut guides take you in tow. They are happy to tell you what Erasmus put between his sandwiches in the 16th century, let you smell ancient documents and show you your city from a great height.

Our guides will tell you all in their own creative way. They are happy to turn Leuven inside out for you!