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We Belgians are a people who are truly sooooo fond of beer. It is not without reason that our Belgian Beer Culture was included in the UNESCO list of Intangible Heritage in 2017.

So it’s time to take you on our fool-of-beer walk!

Together with one of our beer connoisseurs/sommeliers we make a surprising tour in our city center where we introduce you to some real beer fanatics. Not only were they crazy about beer, they each had their own reason for elevating our beer to the ultimate drink of the gods that is back in fashion today!

Of course all their stories make our mouths water….but don’t worry! At various stops, we’ll introduce you to some distinctive beers that you’ll no doubt take in more than once after this walk.

Wondering what you can eat with these beers? Give this walk an extra dimension and book the food pairing with it! this way your experience will be complete!

You see…no hesitation…our beer walk was supposed to be booked yesterday! Entertainment at its finest!

Recommended by Tourism Leuven

Duration of the walk: 3.5 hours for a distance of +/- 3 km (suitable for all ages and not physically demanding)

Price per person including 4 beer tastings: 26 €.

Price per person including 5 beer tastings and 5 matching bites for food pairing: 39 €.

Less than 10 participants? Then we ask for the flat rate of 120 euros for the guide and 14 euros pp for the beer tasters.

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